Mariana Islands Training and Testing Study Area

The U.S. military must train personnel and test new technologies to defend the United States, its territories, and its interests

The land, air, and sea areas of the Mariana Islands are important to members of the military and their families who call the islands home. The U.S. military, including the Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, along with the Coast Guard, conducts military readiness activities in designated areas. These areas collectively comprise the Mariana Islands Range Complex.

For decades, the Mariana Islands have provided a strategic and valuable environment for conducting military readiness activities. The islands are an ideal setting because of their location in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, allowing the military to maintain a global and strategic presence. Every day, the military strives to reduce its effects on the environment while ensuring the United States and its territories are protected and safe.

Mariana Islands Training and Testing Study Area Map


The Mariana Islands Training and Testing Supplemental EIS/OEIS Study Area includes:

  • The existing Mariana Islands Range Complex
  • Additional ocean areas outside of the Mariana Islands Range Complex
  • A transit corridor between the Mariana Islands Range Complex and the Hawaii Range Complex
  • Navy piers located in Apra Harbor

The Study Area has not changed since the 2015 Final EIS/OEIS. In the Supplemental EIS/OEIS, the Navy analyzes only the training and testing activities conducted at sea and on FDM within the Study Area. Other activities and land areas are not included and remain covered under the 2015 analysis and associated authorizations.