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The Mariana Islands have a diverse mix of cultural resources and historic properties. Some of these resources include ancient Chamorro, Spanish-era, and World War II buildings, structures, and sites. Since many cultural resources are located on military training and testing land, the military has developed cultural resources management plans to facilitate and guide responsible management and stewardship of these resources.

Coordination with local and federal agencies, interested parties, and the public is important to achieving success in cultural resources management. Participation by these entities is also encouraged through consultation under the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act. Military officials frequently meet with the islands’ village mayors and senators to discuss potential cultural, economic, social and environmental issues, including historic properties. The military also works with a variety of government agencies, such as the CNMI Historic Preservation Office, the Guam Historic Preservation Office, the National Park Service, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, to help manage cultural resources found on military lands. Military participation on several community boards has strengthened relationships with local communities.